YOIN edm wire
YOIN edm wire

Origin of YOIN electroerosion

Since 1995 we started to supply metal plating service to component suppliers in the Aero industry in which the highest and most strict quality standard is demanded.
Through this experience, we developed a unique Alloy plating technology for which later in year 2003 we founded YOIN electroerosion company to enter EDM wire market with our Aero technology background.
We produce full range of High performance edm coated wires and also plain brass wire with the best care and quality to serve you.

YOIN edm wire YOIN edm wire YOIN edm wire

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YOIN edm wire

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YOIN edm wire
YOIN edm wire
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EDM builder to show high speed CNC milling. As well as showing its latest developments at MACH 2008, an EDM machine builder will show high speed milling machine designed for mould and die work.

Reliability favours EDM choice. An air conditioning and engine cooling systems and components manufacturer said that operational reliability is one of the principal reasons why the company has favoured one make of EDM.

Advanced EDMs improve tolerances, surface finishes.

Aero Z Plus wire

An alloy plating technology ( brass on brass coating)

applied which increases conductivity, as a result it

comes up 15-20% faster cutting speed than Aero Z wire

and other zinc coated wires as well with excellent cost due to YOIN's unique alloy plating technologies. A precision engineering EDM subcontractor rcently invested in two advanced EDMs to machine complex precision parts to exacting tolerances and exceptional surface finishes.

Wire EDM machine rigidity improved by 40%

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Wire EDM machine has a 40% increase in structural rigidity and includes twin-servo wire tension control reduces the number of mechanical parts by some 35%.

Wire EDM improves subcontractor services

EDM subcontractor has purchased a wire EDM to improve its manufacturing services and improve turnaround times and achieve tight customer delivery deadlines.

Flood damaged wire EDMs replaced quickly

Areas of the UK suffered severe flooding in 2007 and a badly-hit EDM subcontractor had to replace its machines very quickly, aided by the UK subsidiary of a Swiss wire EDM machine builder.

CNC wire EDM expands tooling inserts range

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Manufacturer of tooling inserts has invested in a wire-EDM machine tool to broaden the variety of inserts offered in polycrystalline diamond and natural diamond materials.

Wire-EDM plus water jet equals faster cutting

Aero X wire

Wire made for Charmiles machine's technology.

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Copper has high conductivity which

Spain offers a great cutting speed and has

a 40-50% faster cutting speed than brass wire,

but with limitation for successful

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rate of auto-rethreading.Could be used in other machines too.

To provide even faster cutting speeds than are currently possible with wire-EDM, the process has been combined with water jet cutting in one machine to increase speeds.

Linear motors smooth wire EDM operation

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Aero brass wire.

YOIN Spain uses it's special annealing technology to adjust the zinc content to be 55 % plus , it has an excellent tensile strength and less breakage .

Cost is 20 % cheaper than normal brass wire. New generation edm wire for economic but quality option.Applying linear motor drives to wire-cut EDMs raises precision and provide vibration-free operation, while latest control systems reduce energy consumptipon by about 40%.

Wire EDM has fewer parts and more rigidity

Aero R wire

20% faster without extra cost.

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Compare to conventional zinc coated wire,

(Our Aero Z wire),under the same machine set up,

Aero R wire has around 15~20% faster cutting speed.

However it has the same sales cost as our Aero Z wire .

A wire with the best performance / price ratio!

An increase of 40 per cent to machine rigidity and twin-servo wire tension control giving 35 per cent fewer mechanical parts, are factors that improve performance of the latest Fanuc wire EDM range.

EDM purchases expand mould and die scope

Aero RS wire

Aero RS wire is a special coated wire offered

exclusively by YOIN electroerosion.

It has very high performance - 30~40% faster than

conventional zinc coated wire (our Aero Z wire), Reichert Consulting

but at the same time it offers a very fine finish surface .

Aero RS wire is a wire with

PURE PERFORMANCE & ABSOLUTE PRECISION! Potteries mould and die company has purchased a wire EDM and tan EDM hole driller to expand into the automotive, aerospace and advanced ceramics sectors.

Wire EDM Spain work brought in-house to lower costs

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Aero Z wire

YOIN's first coated wire is brass core coated with pure zinc.

Zinc coating layer enhances Z wire's performance

to be 20-25% faster than normal brass wire and offers

a better finishing surface.

Yoin Edm Wire

Aero Z wire is good for precision and fast cutting work. Instead of subcontracting out wire EDM work, a UK precision engineering company has invested in its own wire-EDM machine to increase the company's cost-competitiveness.